You should be thriving

We are a group of artists, athletes, and farmers who started working together in sacred plant ceremony. Each of us was working to heal from debilitating injuries and western medicine wasn’t working.

Fortunately, we found a long history of cultures around the world working alongside nature to heal. We combined wisdom from Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and sacred plant medicine from indigenous tribes. This choice changed our lives and our families for the better.

Whether you are healing from an injury or performing at a high level, we understand how hard it is to feel nourished in our modern lives. Stress is growing fast, and going one week without eating junk is difficult, especially if you travel.

We create our products to make life easier and better.

Our mission is to deliver the worlds most powerful plant ingredients to your door with the least amount of human interference possible. We believe nature has everything figured out and we are not to tamper with it.

We invest the majority of our time and resources into the quality of our products, not ads. Anyone you see promoting our product is a user first. We believe in a future where this becomes commonplace for the things we put in our bodies.

For thousands of years, people have been learning how to work with nature to thrive and grow. We aim to honor these people who worked hard to figure things out so we could benefit.

We look forward to serving you.