About Us

Plant for the People is a direct network of farmers and extraction artists providing you and your family with the highest quality ingredients nature has to offer.

We believe the first step in healing the world is to heal ourselves.

The first step in healing ourselves is to repair the gut.

The gut is home to the microbiome, which is home to trillions of tiny microbes made of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This system is sensitive and affects all the major systems of the body, including mental health.

The body absorbs a large number of foreign toxins each day, primarily from food. When this goes on for too long harmful microbes can take over, causing food allergies, autoimmune diseases, and infections.

Fortunately, the body is capable of detoxifying naturally when given a chance.

We specialize in soil that is untouched by big industry and free from environmental toxins, meaning you can get the nutrients you need without the added toxicity.

Our mission is to make these foods available to everyone, and we are working to create products that are more affordable for those who need it.

We invite you to join our mission.

plant for the people